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February 2024 Minutes

The regular monthly meeting of the Mayor and the Board of Commissioners was held on February 13, 2024, at 6:00 p.m., Town Hall 107 Main Street, North Carolina.


Mayor Michael S. Williford present and presiding.


Board Members Present

Commissioner Cromer, Commissioner Sneed, Commissioner Stovall, Commissioner Lunsford and Commissioner Roberts


Fire Chief Guest/Present

Kevin Mote


Administrator Present

Janet C. Parrott


Police Chief

Craig Williams


Clerk Present

Ummala Rowley


Mayor Williford called the meeting to order and began with the Pledge of Allegiance.



Commissioner Sneed spoke an opening prayer.


Mayor’s Update

Mayor Williford stated to the board that the meeting was canceled on January 9, 2024 due to the inclement weather.  Mayor Williford would like to commend to the Chief Williams and Officer Workman for traffics patrol.  Mayor Williford reminded the to the board that the Budget Review will be held at 6:00 p.m., Town Hall, 107 Main Street, North Carolina on February 20, 2024 and mentioned that the Zoning Board will be having their Zoning Meeting at Stovall Town Hall on February 29, 2024 at 6:30.  The County requested to rezone the new Senior Center the corner of Oxford Street and Main Street.  Mayor Williford stated that Granville County has completed the property tax reevaluations.  The property taxes evaluations for Stovall Residents over doubled and Stovall’s tax rate would need to be adjusted.


Police Report

Chief Williams gave an activity report for the Police Department for the month of December 5, 2023 to February 13, 2024. Activity was as follow:


·         404 Miles of patrol

·         4 Reports

·         20 Citations

·         4 Warnings

·         0 Arrest


Chief Williams stated starting in April 2024 there will be no more hand written tickets and all citations reports will be electronic.  Chief Williams suggested to the board that the Stovall Police Department is in needed of this equipment.  Mayor Williford stated that he will bring up at the Budget Retreat on February 20, 2024 to discuss for police equipment.  Commissioner Stovall asked was the equipment transportable to other vehicles, Chief Williams stated that it is transportable to another vehicle. Quotes as listed:











A Division of Bullins Guynn, Inc.

410 Central Ave

Butner, NC 27509

(919) 575 – 4600







GETAC:S410G5:i5-1340P, WinHello, Win11+16GB, 256GB PCIe SSD, SR LCD+TS+Stylus, Backlit KBD, WIFI+BT, TB4, 3Yr Limited Warranty





GETAC:Getac 11-16V, 22-32V DC Vehicle adapter/Charger (120W for Docking Station) (Cigarette Lighter Plug Version)




GETAC:S410 Gamer Johnson Vehicle Dock w/o Rf (does not include vehicle adapter)




Dodge Charger (2007-2010) / Dodge Magnum (2007-2008)


DS-Lower -9


9” Lower Tube Assembly




7” (17.8 cm ) Center-Mounted Complete Upper Pole




Locking Swing Arm: VESA 75mm &  Gamer Johnson Hole Pattern




I80 In Vehicle 6” Cigarette plug




USB 6” cable FP530/I80




Printek I80 Printer, Printer ships with One Sample Roll of Paper, Cables and power adapters should be ordered separately




External Pocket Jet Printer Vehicle Armrest Mount




For Interceptor 820 I80 Series Printers-Receipt Paper Premium 8.5” w/Perforation and Black Mark, 6 rolls (69 Linear feet per roll)




Shipping Charge


                                                                                                                                                Subtotal: 4,342.03

                                                                                                       Granville NC Tax Total: 6.75%

Total: 4,635.12 


Water Report

Commissioner Lunsford gave the water report and stated that Oxford bill town for 803,000 gallons and Stovall billed the customer for 610,215 gallons of water.  There were small leaks on Dale St, the fire hydrant and couple small leaks, equates to 24 percent loss of water.


Approval of Minutes

A motion was made by Commissioner Stovall and seconded by Commissioner Lunsford to approve the December 5, 2023 minutes.  Motion carried unanimously.


Stovall Volunteer Fire Department Update

Stovall Fire Chief Mote was recognized by Mayor Williford.  Chief Mote gave the Mayor and board an update of the fire department, budget number of calls, etc.  The Board thanked Chief Mote for the update.



Old Business


Street Damage in Stovall

Commissioner Cromer mentioned to the board that she drove around the town and every street is damaged.  The streets needs repairing, pot holes in every streets, the side of the road is flooded in the ditch, drain pipes and ditches needs to be cleaned out.  Lewis Street/S. Railroad Street always have flooded water in the ditch with nowhere to drain.  Commissioner Cromer stated that she has been doing some research for funds and contractors.  Mayor Williford mentioned that is a good idea town and really needs to work on cleaning the ditch and the drain pipes.


Park Equipment

Commissioner Sneed stated to the board that he is still working on the park and maybe Dylan can help out or hire someone else. Commissioner Sneed mentioned that they will be having Fun Day and will bring it up to the next meeting.


Update on Park Slide

Commissioner Stovall mentioned to the board  the Town is still looking for contractor to fix the slide, he reached out to the contractors but haven’t heard from them with any the quotes.  Commissioner Stovall stated that he will continue his search.


Sale of Town Truck

Commissioner Lunsford stated that the town truck sold for $400.00.


Sewer Adjustment Request

Commissioner Lunsford brought up an issue a homeowner was having regarding a sewer adjustment request.  Commissioner Lunsford told the board about the request and went over what he believed occurred regarding the request.  Several board members had an issue with the adjustment request and how it was calculated based on information presented.  The board took no further action at this time. 


Water/Sewer Grant Resolutions

Administrator Parrott reviewed the Procurements and Capital Budgets for the four grants, Phase 1, Phase 2, Sewer Assessment and Planning and Water Assessment and Planning Grants.  After discussion, Commissioner Lunsford made a motion and second by Commissioner Stovall that the following Procurements and Capital Budgets be approved as submitted.  Be approved as followed: Phase 1 SRP-D-0204, Phase 11VUR-D-ARP-0102, Water AIA-W-ARP-0254 and Sewer AIA-W-ARP-0240.  Motion carried unanimously.


























Public Comment

Mayor Williford stated no one had signed up for public comment.


There be no further business, meeting was adjourned on a motion by Commissioner Stovall and second by Commissioner Sneed.  Motion carried unanimously.



                                                                           __________________________________                    ________

Michael S. Williford, Mayor                                              Date



                                                                           __________________________________                    ________

Ummala Rowley, Clerk                                                      Date

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