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July 2021 Meeting Minutes

The regular monthly meeting of the Mayor and the Board of Commissioners was held on July 13, 2021 at the Stovall

Town Hall at 6:00 pm

Mayor Janet C. Parrott present and presiding

Board Members Present: Commissioner Doug Lunsford Jr., Commissioner Carl Roberts, Commissioner Ricky Sneed,

Commissioner Mike Williford

Absent: Commissioner Dale Hughes, Police Chief Craig Williams

Invocation: Commissioner Ricky Sneed began the meeting with an opening prayer

Minutes: Commissioner Carl Roberts made a motion to approve and accept the June 2021 meeting minutes, the June

2021 Public Zoning Hearing minutes, and the June 2021 Public Budget Hearing minutes. Commissioner Lunsford

seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.

Water Report: Commissioner Lunsford reported that the unaccounted for water for the month was 12%. He stated that

flushing was done for TTHM tests during this time, and extra flushing had been done due to high chlorine levels.

American Rescue Plan: Mayor Parrott stated the Town had received $66,726.47 from the American Rescue Plan.

Commissioner Williford asked that a financial meeting be scheduled for the end of the month after Mayor Parrott

learned more details such as restrictions and time frames concerning the use of the money.

Pulpuram Land: Mayor Parrott presented a letter from the law offices of Hicks Wrenn. The Pulpuram Corporation is

asking for non-exclusive easement over the access road leading to the sewer treatment plant. The Board agreed not to

take any action at this time.

Postal Service: Mayor Parrott stated that the Stovall Postmaster had requested that the Town write a letter to the Postal

Service requesting that the Stovall Post Office open full-time. The Board agreed to the request, and Commissioner Sneed

suggested that Mayor Parrott reach out to state representatives for support also.

Water at Maintenance Building: Commissioner Lunsford stated that water was needed at the maintenance building. He

was asked to get an estimate from A & J Repairs for repairing water lines to the building. Commissioner Lunsford also

stated that a flow meter was needed, and the truck needed 2 tires.

Sewer Fence Behind School: Commissioner Lunsford stated that Curtis Yancey agreed to clean up inside the fence at the

school pump station for $200.00. The Board agreed to this, and agreed that Dylan would spray it quarterly and clean up

around the outside of the fence.

Insurance Claim/Railroad St. N.: Mayor Parrott stated that she was expecting a phone call from the insurance company

within the next week.

Gate at Park/Vehicles: Commissioner Ricky Sneed stated that the Sheriff’s Dept. wanted to bring in a grill and an ice

cream truck for an event. It was agreed that there shouldn’t be any vehicles inside the park. Commissioner Sneed

suggested putting grills inside the park for cooking.

Greenway Update: Commissioner Williford announced that he had been re-elected as Chairman of the Greenway

Committee and is on the Parks and Recreation Committee. He stated that there should be local grants coming available

for infrastructure.

Sewer Inspection Fee: There was some discussion on the current policy in place. Commissioner Mike Williford made a

motion to edit the wording to clarify that the policy only pertains to homes connected to the Town’s sewer system. The

policy is as follows:

July 13, 2021

Sewer Billing of Houses Not In Use

Policy Effective February 21, 2015

*Edited July 13, 2021 to clarify this policy only pertains to houses connected to the Town Sewer System*

The Town of Stovall will no longer bill property owners for sewer fees while water is not connected. However; after the

water service has been off for 6 consecutive months, the Town of Stovall will require an inspection fee of $250.00, at

which time town personnel will inspect the water connection to water meter, and the sewer equipment to the point

that the dwelling sewage line enters the tank. Any and all cost to bring the equipment up to the Town’s standard will be

the responsibility of the property owner. Water service will not be connected until the fee and a water deposit is paid,

and all needed repairs have been completed.

This inspection fee applies only to properties connected to the Town’s Sewer System.

Motion to accept and approve the policy was made by Commissioner Mike Williford on January 13, 2015. Commissioner

Francis Keeton seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.

Motion to edit and clarify was made by Commissioner Mike Williford on July 13, 2021, seconded by Commissioner Doug

Lunsford. The motion carried unanimously.


Clerk, Sandra B. Williford

Letter from Fire Dept.: Commissioner Williford requested that Mayor Parrott schedule a meeting between the Board

and the Fire Chief and Board of Directors of the Fire Department to discuss the letter written to the Board.

Yard of the Month: Mayor Parrott announced that she had chosen William Wilson of 103 School St. for Yard of the


Adjournment: There being no further business, Commissioner Williford made a motion to adjourn. Commissioner Sneed

seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.

_____________________ ______________________

Mayor, Janet C. Parrott Clerk, Sandra B. Williford

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