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January 2020 Meeting Minutes

The regular monthly meeting of the Mayor and the Board of Commissioners was held on January 14, 2020 at the Stovall Town Hall at 6:00 pm

Mayor Janet C. Parrott present and presiding

Board Members Present: Commissioner Dale Hughes, Commissioner Doug Lunsford Jr., Commissioner Carl Roberts, Commissioner Ricky Sneed, Commissioner Mike Williford

Clerk Present: Sandra B. Williford

Police Chief Present: Craig Williams

Invocation: Commissioner Ricky Sneed began the meeting with an opening prayer

Approval of Minutes: Commissioner Doug Lunsford Jr. made a motion to accept and approve the December 2019 minutes as submitted. Commissioner Ricky Sneed seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.

Police: Chief Craig Williams reported the following activity for the police department:

212 miles of patrol

4 reports

4 citations

Chief Williams stated that he had received complaints about large trucks driving and parking on streets. There are signs, but without an ordinance restrictions can’t be enforced. This was tabled until the next meeting to allow time for research.

Water Report: Commissioner Lunsford reported a 37 % loss for the month. After considering water in the tank and lines, the loss was at 30.5 %.

Water Break Payment Policy:

Commissioner Lunsford presented a policy pertaining to payment plans for customers with water breaks. The policy reads as follows:

Payment Policy for Water Breaks

The Town’s responsibility, as far as the water distribution system is concerned, ends at the water meter. The customer owns the service line from the meter to the residence. Repair of leaks along the service line or in the house are the customer’s responsibility.

Once a water break is found, water will be shut off and a meter reading will be recorded. Leak will be identified as the Town’s responsibility or resident’s responsibility.

The leak will be repaired before water will be turned back on. If a customer refuses for water to be cut off until leak is repaired, payment for water and sewer will be due in full (with no waivers) on the next billing cycle.

Some bills may be adjusted through a sewer credit. Leak adjustments are for leaks in the service line only. Leak adjustments do not include sprinkler systems, running toilets, faucets, water heaters, hoses, or other above ground systems. Customers must provide proof of repair.

Customers filling swimming pools will be eligible for 1 sewer credit per year.

Payment for Water Leaks

Bill of $200.00 - $500.00……..3 month payment plan

Example: $500.00 minus garbage fee and loan = $480.94 divided by 3 = $160.31 per month

Therefore, for 3 months, customer will pay $160.31 plus current bill by the 12th of the month and no late fees will be charged.

Bill of $501.00 -$1,000.00……5 month payment plan

Bill of $1,000.00 plus…..must be reviewed by Board.

Failure to pay by the 12th will result in disconnection until paid in full.

Commissioner Lunsford made a motion to approve the policy as written. Commissioner Williford seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.

Flow Meter at Treatment Plant: Commissioner Lunsford gave an update on repair of the flow meter. He stated that Breedlove Electric is still looking for parts needed to repair.

Mixer Grant: Mayor Parrott asked if the Board wanted her to pursue a 100 % grant for the mixer in the water tank. The Board agreed that she should.

Street Light on Railroad St. N.: Commissioner Sneed reported that he was still working with Duke Energy to get a street light at the corner of Railroad St. N. and Main St.

Leak at Hydrant: Commissioner Lunsford reported that there is a leak on Main St. There is a possibility that the leak is coming from the hydrant on the corner of Railroad St. N., but not sure which side of Main St. The Board agreed that the leak must be found and repaired.

Junk Yard Ordinance: Commissioner Dale Hughes presented the Board with a copy of the Granville County Junkyard Control Act. It was decided that Mayor Parrott should find out if this would pertain to the Town of Stovall. It was also suggested that she check with the attorney, and Commissioner Sneed suggested that she check to see if Oxford had its own ordinance.

Digital Presence: Commissioner Dale Hughes made a motion that the Town have a Facebook page. The motion died. The Board did agree that the Town should have a Web Page for information purposes. Commissioner Hughes agreed to look into the cost.

Statutes: Commissioner Hughes expressed that the Town needs to create a numbered book of Ordinances. Hughes made a motion and Commissioner Williford seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.

Greenways Update: Commissioner Williford gave an update on the Greenway Committee meetings. He stated that he had been re-elected Chairman. He reported that plans to re-do Highway 15 has been pushed back and wouldn’t be done in 2021, and mini grants have been suspended for at least 12 months.

Budget Review: Commissioner Carl Roberts made a motion to accept and approve the following amended budgets. Commissioner Doug Lunsford Jr. seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.

Supplies for Water/Sewer:

Commissioner Lunsford stated that supplies/tools were needed for employees to work with. He made a motion to allot $2,000.00 to purchase tools. Commissioner Williford seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.

Executive Session: Commissioner Ricky Sneed made a motion that the Board go into executive session to discuss hiring of personnel. Commissioner Williford seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.

A motion was made and seconded to come out of executive session.

A motion was made and seconded that the meeting be continued later in the week.


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