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September 2020 Meeting Minutes

The regular monthly meeting of the Mayor and the Board of Commissioners was held on September 8, 2020 at the Stovall Town Hall at 6:00 pm

Mayor Janet C. Parrott present and presiding

Board Members Present: Commissioner Dale Hughes, Commissioner Doug Lunsford Jr., Commissioner Carl Roberts, Commissioner Ricky Sneed, Commissioner Michael Williford

Clerk Present: Sandra B. Williford

Police Chief Present: Craig Williams

Invocation: Commissioner Ricky Sneed began the meeting with an opening prayer

Approval of Minutes: Commissioner Carl Roberts made a motion to accept and approve the August minutes as submitted. Commissioner Dale Hughes seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.

Police Report: Police Chief Craig Williams gave an activity report for the month. Police Department activity was as follows:

  • 306 miles of patrol

  • 3 reports

  • 2 citations

Chief Williams stated that he had spoken to several state troopers that were willing to help slow down the speeders on Rockwell Rd. and other areas in Stovall.

Water Report: Commissioner Doug Lunsford Jr. reported that the Town’s unaccounted for water was 9% for the month. He stated that the leak on Wilson Town Rd. had been repaired, and due to having to bore under the road there were some additional costs involved.

Covid Funds from County: Mayor Parrott stated that the Town was receiving $11,552.00 from the County. It was the general consensus of the Board to use funds to reimburse the Police Budget since their time was spent on awareness and assistance during Covid. Commissioner Hughes suggested that the money be spent on hiring a code enforcement officer if and when the Visual Blight Ordinance was put into place. Commissioner Williford stated that the County may have strict rules, and nothing should be decided until the money is received and the restrictions are known. He stated he thought the money should go into the police department.

State Grant Water Funds: Mayor Parrott asked if the Board wanted to adopt a Resolution giving her permission to apply for a 100% grant from the State for the purpose of adding a mixer to the water tank and associated improvements. Commissioner Williford made a motion to adopt the Resolution. Commissioner Ricky Sneed seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously. The Resolution reads as follows:


WHEREAS, The Federal Clean Water Act Amendments of 1987 and the North Carolina Water Infrastructure Act of 2005 (NCGS 159G) have authorized the making of loans and grants to aid eligible units of government in financing the cost of construction of drinking water distribution systems, and

WHEREAS, The Town of Stovall has need for and intends to construct a drinking water distribution system project described as Water Tank, Water Main, and Associated Improvements project, and

WHEREAS, The Town of Stovall intends to request State grant assistance for the project,


That Town of Stovall, the applicant, will arrange financing for all remaining costs of the project, if approved for a State grant award.

That the applicant will adopt and place into effect on or before completion of the project a schedule of fees and charges and other available funds which will provide adequate funds for proper operation, maintenance, and administration of the system and the repayment of all principal and interest on the debt.

That the governing body of the Applicant agrees to include in the loan agreement a provision authorizing the State Treasure, upon failure of the Town of Stovall to make scheduled repayment of the loan, do withhold from the Town of Stovall any State funds that would otherwise be distributed to the local government unit in an amount sufficient to pay all sums then due and payable to the State as a repayment of the loan.

That the applicant will provide for efficient operation and maintenance of the project on completion of construction thereof.

That Janet Parrott, Mayor, the authorized official, and successors so titled is hereby authorized to execute and file an application on behalf of the applicant with the State of North Carolina for a loan or grant to aid in the construction of the project described above.

That the authorized official, and successors so title, is hereby authorized and directed to furnish such information as the appropriate State agency may request in connection with such application or the project: to make the assurances as contained above, and to execute such other documents as may be required in connection with the application.

That the applicant has substantially complied or will substantially comply with all Federal, State, and local laws, rules, regulations and ordinances applicable to the project and to Federal and State grants and loans pertaining thereto.

Adopted this the 8th day of September 2020 at Stovall, North Carolina.


Janet Parrott

Mayor, Town of Stovall




The undersigned duly qualified and acting clerk of the Town of Stovall does herby certify: That the above resolution is a true and correct copy of the resolution authorizing the filing of an application with the State of North Carolina, as regularly adopted at a legally convened meeting to the Town of Stovall duly held on the 8 day of September, 2020; and further, that such resolution has been fully recorded in the journal of proceedings and records in my office. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this 15 day of September, 2020.


Signature of Recording Officer


Rural Water Audit: Mayor Parrott provide the Board with the results of the Rural Water Audit. There were no comments or questions.

Bids for Streets: Mayor Parrott stated that a bid had been received from H.R. Ramsey for the street repairs, but a bid from Holland Construction had not been received as of yet.

Park: Commissioner Ricky Sneed reported that construction had started on the gazebo. He said he had received complaints about some parking at the park at night. He asked that signs be purchased that say no parking after 9 pm. He said the bathroom needed cleaning for the park to be open. Commissioner Williford stated that $100.00 for Mary Green to do the initial cleaning was already approved in March. It was suggested that the Town get prices from the Tidy Lady for cleaning once or twice a week.

TTHM Results: Commissioner Michael Williford reported that the TTHM tests results were .080. The results at the entry point were .088. There have been no results over the limit in 2 years. Commissioner Williford flushed 358,000 gallons. He stated he wouldn’t be flushing and taking the samples in the future.

Lead and Copper Results: Mayor Parrott reported that the results of the lead and copper tests showed all 4 houses had some copper detected but were well below the allowable limit. No lead was found.

CDBG Funds: Mayor Parrott asked the Board for permission to apply for the CDBG Funds available for reimbursement of water bills not paid and late fees lost during the Governor’s Executive Order. Commissioner Michael Williford made a motion that Mayor Parrott apply for the funds. Commissioner Carl Roberts seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.

Continuation/Public Hearing: Commissioner Michael Williford made a motion to continue the meeting on September 24, 2020 to discuss bids for street repairs and the cleaning of the bathroom at the park. The Public Hearing for the application for rezoning on Puckett St. was also scheduled for the same date. Commissioner Ricky Sneed seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.

_________________________ ______________________

Mayor Janet C. Parrott Clerk Sandra B. Williford

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